Clark County Retired Teachers Association

   On October 17, 1949, twenty-four retired teachers met in the Ohio Fuel Gas Company for the purpose of organizing an association for the mutual benefit of teachers who had entered retirement. Miss Eliza McBeth arranged the meeting.

   The following week another meeting was held and for the first time the name Clark County Chapter of the Ohio Retired Teachers Association was used.

   The first officers included: W.C. Ryan, president; Mary Thasher, vice-president; Dora Kreis, recording secretary; M.L. Lavy, treasurer; Ruth Ferris and Eva Klinck, trustees.

   The first annual meeting convened in March 1950. Annual dues were fifty cents. Meetings were held in members' homes, city schools, the Historical Society in Memorial Hall, the Shawnee Hotel, and the gas company.

   From the beginning, the organization dealt with issues such as pensions, insurance, and legislature that concerned retirees.

A plaque commemorates the 2003 rededication of the 1878 Advance School.
It also reflects the names of those CCRTA members who worked then and now
to keep the school's  history alive by bringing it to students today.

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Retired Teachers Association:

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