Monday, January 16, 2012


One Room School
No. 7

Located on
New Carlisle Pike 
New Carlisle, Ohio

Dear Teachers of 3rd and 4th grade, home-schooled, and foreign exchange students of Springfield City, Clark County and neighboring districts:
   Welcome to the Advance School No. 7 and the year 1878.
   We are pleased to offer you a unique learning experience that is sure to spark up your lesson plans with a hands-on history lesson by reliving a school day in 1878 while also referencing current teaching and learning standards.
   It's an all-day school field trip during which students are invited to dress, eat, experience lessons out of McGuffey readers, and play games that are all typical of a school day in that era.
   It will be a memorable day the students will never forget, and one they will want to share with their elders, grandparents, and friends. 
   As a teacher, you will experience the teaching and classroom discipline system of the time as well. The day will be beneficial for you long after you have returned to your school.
   The Advance School is located on New Carlisle Pike between Liberty and Funderberg Roads. It is a legacy cared for by the  Clark Country Retired Teachers Association (CCRTA) so that your students can interact, learn, and enjoy.
   The funding for this ongoing project comes, in major part, from The Turner Foundation, Springfield Foundation, and the Clark County Retired Teachers Association.
   Please contact Linda Clements to start your journey today.

The Clark County Retired Teachers Association

*Field Trips: The One Room School plans to open for classes this Fall 2022. 

Personal Visits: Please contact Linda Clements, Schoolmarm and include a contact name and number.