Education Goals, Objectives, Standards

One of the seven purposes in the CCRTA's mission statement reads:
   To mentor, administrate, and support the Advance One Room School

To fulfill that purpose, the One Room Committee has developed the following:

   To engage in educational activities and provide demonstrations of a school curriculum as it existed in the 19th century.

   To provide students an opportunity to relive a school day in 1878 set in the Advance One Room School House in New Carlisle.

Instructional Objectives:
The day's lessons are outlined on the board.
   Taught using texts and materials from the 1800s:            

Ohio Standards and Benchmarks:
   Emphasis is placed on meeting multiple academic content standards for:
       Social Studies
       Language Arts

Separate recess toys for boys and girls were common.
The boys only cloakroom contains wooden hoops
and a wooden box of other outdoor games.
   Available materials for teachers and students:                
       McGuffey Readers
       Recess toys of the late 19th century
       Certificates of participation

Additional Information and Comments:
   Students will relive a day in 1878.
   Once a class is scheduled, information is sent to the teacher in preparation for the day-long field trip to the Advance One Room School.
   Students will dress in attire of the day and pack lunches with food of the time.

Not expected to be used today but a dunce cap
was a part of the classroom furnishings
in 1878.

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