Photo Tour of School Building

   Throughout the seasons, the Advance One Room School sits
waiting for students and teachers to give it life and substance.
   For optimum safety and comfort, field trips occur during fall and spring.
   The tour begins with an outside look at the schoolhouse from front, side and back. Then a step inside to front bell area, cloakrooms, students' desks, teacher's front platform area, and various wall furnishings. 

More easily seen in winter, the bell tower opens the school
day from a rope pulled inside the front door.

   The school's original bell in the tower was gone when renovation began. Mrs. Hulda Smith, a member of the Retired Teachers Association, donated an old bell used in the late 1800s. It can be rung, but a handbell is used to usher today's students to class.

The northeast corner

Though the building has heat, it sits silent in the wintertime.
Modern classes take place in fall and spring.

An authentic pump indicates the spot
for the school's well. However, for safety,
no one uses the water.

Need a drink of water? 
A restroom?
When students attended here in 1878, they
pumped water from the well and walked around back to use the outhouse--girls and boys separately, of course.
A fascinating aspect of the one room school experience,
two outhouses, one for girls and one for boys, are used
during the school day.

Leaving the outhouse area, the walkway follows
the east side of the school to the front.

After a walk around the outside of this unique school, it is time to step through the door and see that the inside is as fascinating.

If the roof top bell were rung, it would
be done like this young student who
is pulling the rope from within the
front door.

For rainy days, students play games like checkers and
pick-up sticks as stored in the boys only cloakroom.

The girls have their own games, the checkers sets and dollies,
also stored in the girls only cloakroom.

The pot-bellied stove is piped throughout
the classroom, but modern heating has been added.

To the far right on the teacher's front platform stands a red
recitation bench. It originally came from a Muskingum
 County school of the 1890s but was recovered in Mansfield.

A small bookshelf, globe, stool and dunce cap are
placed to the far left on top the teacher's front stage.

Regulator clock
The Declaration of Independence

A free standing globe depicts only the
countries and states as known at the time.

The Advance One Room Schoolhouse No. 7 is
full of educational knowledge and history.

The school is the hallmark of the Clark County Retired Teachers Association.

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